Tony Haynes is an Intellectual Property Creator. Initially, starting out as a Lyricist, he’s written verses and hooks to melodies composed by the biggest names in R&B and Pop Music. His Poetry appears in books and across multiple internet platforms. As an Author, Tony's craft is immortalized through a variety of Warner Bros. animated icons and a wide array of characters brought to life in his novels. Currently, Tony is executive producing and creating original programming for television. 

In the rapidly expanding market for entertainment, quality programming is a valuable commodity. The Tony Haynes Company is a place, ‘Where Dreams and Ideas Learn to Fly.’ We’ve imagined ourselves, first and foremost, content providers who wouldn’t be content without the continuity attached to thinking outside of the box. As a result, we are firmly planted in a creative space, through which we nurture our dramatic and comedic television series, then after sprouting a real sense of a bountiful harvest, we ground ourselves with the alliances necessary to bear fruit. Now, as the season demands, we are branching out beyond previous limitations, so that when the apple falls from the tree, it laughs all the way to the bank.

The Tony Haynes Company is positioned to take full advantage of the industry's phenomenal on-going growth. In order to ensure the success of our products, The Company is prudently enlisting the resources and capabilities of major corporations and securing contractual commitments to market and distribute our programs to the worldwide marketplace.

The television and broadcasting industry’s current evolution and strong positive forecast for future growth, offers significant potential for highly rewarding investment opportunities. The creative capability of The Tony Haynes Company demonstrates an attractive opportunity for investors to profit from a truly innovative emerging growth company with tremendous potential.